Medicare ECLIPSE Certified Vendor

Our THELMA software platform has been Notice Of Integration (NOI) certified since 2006. All transactions that THELMA provides to our customers are NOI certified - from eligibility checks to hospital claims. As a NOI Certified Vendor, THELMA has satisfied all the criteria outlined by Medicare and was one of the first Software Vendor Products in Australia to be certified as a Medicare ECLIPSE vendor.

Queensland Government Information Technology Contracting

eHealthWise has current Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) certification (GITC Agreement with the State Of Queensland Q-6003) to supply ICT to the Queensland Government.


eHealthWise holds current industry accreditation for supply of ICT to the QLD Government.

THELMA is a Medicare Certified NOI Vendor

THELMA has been a Medicare NOI certified vendor since 2006.

As a NOI Certified Vendor, THELMA has satisfied all the criteria outlined by Medicare:

  • All message fields are populated correctly.
  • Claim, batch claim (after communication failure), cancel and statement transactions can be sent and accepted and are formatted appropriately.
  • Messages returned from Medicare can be received and are formatted appropriately.
  • Transactions are encrypted, signed and transmitted successfully and in accordance with Medicare's encryption and signature process.
  • Information, Warning and Reject reason codes are correctly presented to the user.
  • Reconciliations are correctly processed and displayed.
  • Processing is in accordance with the provided business model.